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HVAC Services  

Ranger ONE-CALL is a Licensed HVAC Contractor

Ranger ONE-CALL is a Licensed HVAC Contractor

  • Heating and cooling system general repairs

  • Preventative Maintenance Service and tune-ups

  • System inspections and condition reports

  • New cooling and heating system installations

  • System and unit replacement

  • Air and gas line repairs and installation

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Our HVAC Services

Preventative Maintenance

At Ranger ONE-CALL, HVAC preventative maintenance is our top priority because our customer's success is our top priority!   While other companies may cut corners in regard to their PM Services, Ranger ONE-CALL is committed to staying in front of your system's potential problems and offering your business the following benefits when you use Ranger ONE-CALL.

  • The same HVAC Technician that performs your PM each quarter is almost always the same technician that will respond to your service calls when needed.  This means we get to know you and we get to know your equipment.  This saves you time and money in the long-term.

  • Our PM service is performed 4-times per year!  No more getting caught between visits during those long hot and cold periods as the seasons change when both heating and cooling systems may be needed.

  • Our 20 point service check list covers every detail of your heating and cooling system and your quarterly fee covers the cost of new filters and belts!

  • Ranger ONE-CALL documents every PM visit, service call, repair and installation which means that you not only can document what equipment you have, but you can trace its history throughout its lifespan.

  • All of our HVAC PM customers automatically receive a discounted hourly labor rate not offered to our non PM customers.  This lower rate applies to not only HVAC work throughout the year, but any other work order requests such as electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, space improvements and general maintenance repairs in your space!

  • As a PM customer you can be assured that your service calls will be prioritized when you have an issue with your system.  Most of the time this means a same-day visit!


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Trouble Shooting and Repairs

HVAC system trouble shooting is no problem for Ranger ONE-CALL's seasoned and well trained HVAC Technicians.   Licensed and Certified, our Technicians stay current on all system makes and models and are on call to respond quickly to your requests when your system is not operating like it should.   Communication and clarity is one of our top priorities when you are having system problems, so our courteous office and field staff will work to get on site quickly, diagnose the issue correctly and communicate our suggested resolution promptly.   Once the repair is made we will document the repair for future reference and update you from the field when possible to give you the assurance your system is repaired and ready to go.


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Replacement and New Installations

HVAC System replacement or brand new system installations are sometimes required and when they are our ONE-CALL Service Technicians are trained to replace or install the following HVAC systems with any manufacturer required.

  • Rooftop package units

  • Split systems and heat pumps

  • Mini-splits and wall units

  • Warehouse unit heaters

  • Warehouse exhaust fans  (wall mounted and rooftop)

  • Large warehouse air moving fans

  • Stratification reduction fans

  • Restroom exhaust fans

  • Restaurant, lab and equipment exhaust fans

  • Fresh air vents and louvers

  • Thermostats

  • Dehumidifiers 

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Inspections and Condition Reports

Ranger ONE-CALL can help you inventory all of your HVAC system equipment and also help you budget for potential repairs by providing a condition report listing all suggested repairs and costs.   Once completed ONE-CALL provides you with a complete listing and photo for each piece of equipment and system component such as:

  • Age / year of system

  • Manufacturer, model and serial number

  • Size of system

  • General Condition of the system / components

  • Budget pricing for repair or replacement if required

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