Ranger ONE-CALL is a division of Ranger Construction which has been in business in the Charlotte region for nearly 20 years. Ranger ONE-CALL consists of a team of trained technicians who’s main focus is to offer maintenance and repairs of every kind for commercial property owners, property managers and tenants.  Our ONE-CALL team is designed meet the challenges you face on a daily bases in order to keep your business running at its very best!  When you contact Ranger ONE-CALL our goal is that you will find that we have a high standard of customer service, prompt response times, accurate trouble shooting and thorough follow-up. It’s what we call the Ranger ONE-CALL Difference”! 

Administrative Team

David Watts, Jr.

Division Manager

Anna Inthanonh

Division Assistant Manager

Bounyong Amphavannasouk

Office Manager 

Service Technicians

Terry Ferrell
Shane McCraw
Scott Messick

Lead Electrical Tech

Electrical  Service Tech


Electrical Service Tech

Anthony Airington
Steven Smith

Lead HVAC Tech

HVAC Service Tech


Jeffery Perry
Ruben Lewis

Lead Plumbing Tech

Plumbing Helper



Layton Sanderson

Maintenance  Service Tech

Reggie Alston
Akali Ounheuuan
Ryan Elam

Lead Maintenance Tech

Maintenance Helper

Maintenance Service Tech


A Division of Ranger Construction

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4240 Morris Field Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28208